Boss Ladies

What is Boss Ladies? We are an organization of creative female entrepreneurs who promote a supportive and confidential environment in which to learn, grow and achieve. We help each other become successful business owners and community leaders through creating meaningful connections. We are strong individually, but stronger together. (Source:

In the last year, you've probably heard me gush about Boss Ladies. I've been on sort of a career high since I joined last April. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into this amazing group of creative women by founder Lisa Cherry - who is someone I've grown a deep respect for, for her creative vision and entrepreneurial spirit.

Below I've covered some of my favorite things about Boss Ladies. Hope you enjoy!



Boss Ladies is friendships, cookies and once a month meetings packed with valuable information. (Source:

Boss Ladies is friendships, cookies and once a month meetings packed with valuable information. (Source:

Every month our group meets for 2 hours to discuss a particular aspect of our business like productivity, finances, branding etc. Lisa Cherry has thoughtfully crafted a curriculum that is relevant to the modern woman in the creative business world. She gently guides us into thinking analytically about the long and short term challenges that come with running a small business. To add to to the wealth of information, Boss Ladies is a place to vent about the worries and stresses of having a business. It's a comfortable environment that has served as a support system for me in times I needed it most.


Since last April, I've not only gained a group of what I feel are close confidants, but 3* of them are now my clients, plus another member* I've contracted for two photography jobs. As I developed these new relationships, I've been given a boost of confidence, knowing they are behind me. I am so grateful for each and every person I've been able to work with thanks to my newfound connections.

Monday Group Roll Call (and a couple Thursday girls too!)



Field Trip to Letterpress Trade Services in Orange.

Field Trip to Letterpress Trade Services in Orange.

We took our first field trip to Presentation Folder Inc. and Letterpress Trade Services in Orange, CA. We were able to tour the grounds of a major printer, which has also preserved the classic letterpress trade. It was a good time for bonding and learning all the things that are possible to promote our businesses with high quality printed pieces. This field trip was a result of an Instagram connection made through Boss Ladies. I met Michelle Mercado of Sourced Collective, who was referred to me by Lisa. We hooked up for a one project job and kept in contact ever since. I was happy to find out that Michelle's boyfriend Joel works for the letterpress and printing company, the rest is history!


Every month or so, group members and guest speakers lead workshops on location at The Makery in Anaheim, discussing their area of expertise. (Discounts apply for Boss Ladies.)

If you're interested in learning more about Boss Ladies and how to balance you home/work life, you should consider attending this Productivity Workshop for Makers and Creative Entrepreneurs led by fellow Boss Lady (and my client!) Sara Barba of XOXOrganizing. Click below for more information.